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Linda Chung burdened by the rumors, ditches Raymond Lam for a breakthrough

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Source: Sudden Weekly
Translated by: aZnangel @

Popular Golden Facial Proportion App, HK Artists become the guinea pigs

wants to be a natural born with perfect facial features, but what is
considered perfect? There is currently a very popular trend overseas
that calculates the golden facial proportions. In the U.S and Canada,
the latest research states that if the distance between your eyes and
mouth takes up 36% of your face, your eyes and eyeballs take up 46% and
you have a symmetrical face, then that is the perfect golden facial

Turns out that the iPhone already released an App
for the golden facial proportions. Reporters found a several Stars to be
the guinea pigs. This app calculates the entire face's proportion and
scores how perfect it is. As long as you take a close up, front facing
photo, then your face can be calculated. 10 points is perfect.

Raymond Lam: Useless to Chok

Raymond has been troubled by all the news with Mavis Pan and didn't get
any sleep. It has been rumored that he got a face transformation N
times to become the Chok Raymond he is today. Reporters found a picture
of him 10 years ago and compared it with a more recent picture. Turns
out that Raymond's face change got him 0.6 points higher. But he got the
lowest score among the male artists that were tested!

Joey Yung: No Improvement

years ago, Joey had a round face, chubby cheeks and wasn't a beauty no
matter how you look at her. However today is not the same as the past,
people always said that Joey had a face transformation, as she got more
popular, she got better looking. Unfortunately, using the golden
proportion measurement, she only got a score of 7.5 both times!

Kary Ng: Close to perfect

Kary debuted under the Cookies group, she wasn't the most outstanding.
In the recent years, she changed her image into a rock girl and did her
solo development from there. Audience started to see her in a new light.
Reporters told Kary to try out the app, at first she didn't really
understand what was called golden proportion until she saw her high
score of 9.6. Kary shouted instantly: "Does golden proportion tell the
symmetry between your face and your facial features? I can't believe my
proportion isn't that bad." Kary, it's not just you that couldn't
believe it, even reporters had a big surprise. But this app is mostly
for fun, don't have to get so serious!

Natalie Tong: Symmetrical Facial Features

is not considered a big beauty, but her facial features are normal.
After playing with the app, Natalie received a score of 9, very
impressive. She said in joy: "My face is a little big, my right side is
thinner, can go on camera. Can't believe I got 9 points!"

Charmaine Sheh: High expectations

the TV Queen, Charmaine Sheh sure does have high expectations on
herself. When performing this test on her, we had to let her do it over
and over again before it worked. She said: "This picture doesn't look
too good, can I take it again? I'm afraid it will affect the results, if
I get too low of a score, that wouldn't be good!" In the end, she took
the photo 3 times, finally it satisfied Charmaine. Unfortunately her
score was only 8.5, which was just average, but she remained strong and
laughed: "It's pretty good!"

Bosco Wong: Golden Proportion Siu Sang

Raymond, Bosco is considered one of the handsome Siu Sangs in TVB.
Known to be a pretty boy, Bosco tried the app and got what was expected.
He successfully beat all the Siu Sangs. "I got the highest score? I'm
so happy! This app is amazing, what is it called? Let me download it
too!" Bosco became the Siu Sang with the highest score of 9.1, even
happier than getting TV King.

Moses Chan: Chok is useless

said to be the handsome Moses Chan, just by his looks and image attacts
many female fans. We thought Moses and Bosco would be in competition!
But it turns out that his score of 8.3 was just average, he said: "I
never thought I was good looking, I'm not about the idol image, so I'm
not one bit disappointed! Haha!!"

Wayne Lai: A pleasant surprise

to Raymond and Bosco, TV King Wayne Lai is more inclined to the team
with ability. When he tried the app, he himself was ready to lose.
"Compared to Bosco and Moses, I'll definitely lose!" But we should
always think optimistically, Wayne's score was a pleasant surprise, a
8.4, 0.1 higher than Moses.
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Linda Chung burdened by the rumors, ditches Raymond Lam for a breakthrough

Linda Chung burdened by the rumors, ditches Raymond Lam for a breakthrough

Posted By:


@ 28 minutes ago
Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Linda Chung burdened by the rumors, ditches Raymond Lam for a breakthrough

the entertainment circle, it is better to have news than not to have
any news. Who cares if it's negative news! Perhaps this is the life in
the entertainment world, but Linda Chung just happens to go the opposite
direction, she believes that rumors are helpless for an artist to get
up top and would even add on to the pressure. She firmly believes that
true ability is the way to go. She hopes the public can just forget
about her rumors with Raymond Lam, and she sets Charmaine Sheh as her
goal. One day she will become the TV Queen.

(*The rest of the article is Linda speaking...)

I've entered the industry, I have been in many series. If you want to
talk about my representative work, I would say Seung Joi Sum in Heart of Greed
because that was the most popular and got the most public response.
Honestly speaking, when I first entered the industry, most of my roles
were the innocent and obedient girl. The opportunities to challenge my
acting was not big, perhaps I didn't do too well in the acting, but I
won't feel regret that my acting isn't good. Instead, I kind of like my
type, I use true feelings and it's very natural. The thing about myself
that I pity most is my physical status that affects my development, like
when I was shooting Ghost Writer because my health wasn't good,
and often had insomnia that affected my work. If I could choose, I want
to play a female assassinate the most. I would wear a black outfit or
red colored tight clothing, like Charlie Angels, it should be pretty

Fortunate to have guidance from seniors

fact, I feel pretty lucky. Since I've entered the industry up until now,
all of the artists I worked with enlightened me. Besides the lead
actors, I want to say that many of the 3rd, 4th, 5th line artists helped
me a lot. I would chat with them, sometimes they may not be in the
scene with me, but after they watch me on TV, they tell me the areas I
could improve on.

Among the female artists, I admire Charmaine
Sheh the most. She is an artist hat deserves to be respected. Before
when I was in Canada, I already started watching her series, I really
like her role as "Chuk Kwan Ho" (Return of the Cuckoo). I will
set her as my goal, of course I hope to get TV Queen too, but I believe I
still need a few more years to train myself. Charmaine also spent a
long period of time before she got it, her acting is really mature.

Admires Wong He's attitude

the male artists, I really admire Wong He. He is very hardworking, to
the producer and the entire team, he seriously captures well. In this
industry, it is very necessary to have this type of person, bringing
concentration to the team. Wong He helped me a lot, his acting is
tremendously attentive, clearly knows how the feeling of the picture
will come out. From The Gem of Life to Twilight Investigations,
he gave me a different perspective. He has high expectations to the
entire crew, it is a good thing, he just wants a good production. Of
course can't get too over and unreasonable. If changes to the script can
produce a better outcome for the series, then why not? I really admire

I am personally a person with a quiet personality. Work is
work, I don't like to socialize nor do I know how to make relationships.
Maybe my personality is a slight loss to this industry, but I treat
people with a true heart. I believe the hard efforts I put into my work,
people will see it.

About my personal life, I have always been
low-profile. Honestly, I am rather happy, relaxed and comfortable
without any news. Because if the news is too big, naturally there will
be reporters following me, then I would feel more pressure and I won't
be happy. I rather have no news than be someone who has negative news
because I don't want the news to affect my family. I have to take my
family into account, have to protect my obedient girl image, but I am
just being myself. I don't like to stay out late a night or smoke, and I
don't like to be in random relationships. After all, I just want to
keep my family and friends low-profile as much as possible, protect them
as much as I can.

Long for a touching classic song

news, many people will mention my rumors with Raymond Lam. I feel the
rumors have been going on for too long. At first I thought, just let
people write it however they like, as long as I know it's not true, but
when the rumors went on, even the people I know started believing it. At
the time, I really wanted to come out and clarify, I didn't want people
to talk about me, I felt that this will really affect my work. The
reports went from positive to negative. I would tell people to not ask
me again, but sometimes I can't control it. I hope audience can focus
more on my work and not the news.

Outside of filming, I really
like to sing. Usually when I have time, I would compose songs to kill
time. Although I never formally learned before, but composing music is
the same as acting, don't necessarily have to had learned it before. The
most important is that it has feeling. I have love singing since I was
young, I can express some of the emotions I usually hide in the songs
and this is a type of stress reliever. As a TV artist, it is hard to be a
full time singer, but I do hope that I will have a classic song that
touches people.

Healthy sex appeal, shows off long legs to smooth the eyes

think that I'm tall and thin, but in fact I love to eat. Also because
of work, I always have midnight snack, so my waist can easily get fat. I
recently became a spokesperson for a beauty salon for the first time,
really happy to have them assist me in losing weight. In my past
endorsements, I had to wear rather sexy clothing, but this time I just
need to be myself, as the obedient girl. The main focus is showing some
legs, hope you all will like it!

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